Jill’s MBSR course was thoughtfully, knowledgeably and authentically presented from the heart. It impacted and enhanced my own personal practice to a significant degree. I highly recommend this experience.
— Cindy Bates
I think anybody can benefit from taking this MBSR course with Jill. You can take it at any point in your personal journey because it is helpful with daily life. No matter your profession, home and personal situation or physical and mental health. I would encourage anybody to take this course. It has helped me to feel calmer, more grounded and more confident.
— Shelagh Chambers
This program gave me so many powerful tools to reduce stress and improve my well-being.
— Catherine O.
Meditation has been a game-changer for me. It is a harbour in a storm, an oasis in a desert, the centre piece of a beautiful garden. I dip into meditation as I need and I want to enjoy. Thank you for introducing this beautiful technique with me through this course.
— S.L.
Jill is a compassionate and caring instructor who delivers the MBSR course in a passionate and life changing way. She has truly changed my perspective and outlook on how I deal with everyday stressors. I am able to bring a new awareness and insight to my life which has enabled me to be stronger and more patient with myself and others. I would highly recommend this course to anyone but especially those needing a change to the way they manage stress, anxiety, depression and even physical illnesses. Thank you Jill!
— Robyn
MBSR training is for everyone. It can help you navigate through the stressors of life — both small and large. It can help you live life with more ease.
— Deborah
Jill’s kindness and gentleness and wisdom have made it so easy to learn from her in this well-paced and do-ably challenging 8 weeks. I feel better equipped to live my life in peace now and so grateful.
— Peggy Land
Jill Dunkley offers an excellent opportunity for MbSR participants to lower their stress and improve their living circumstances. If you are reading this website, listen to yourself and open an inquiry: you have everything to gain.
— Shawn R.
I came to the MBSR program hoping to find tools to reduce my anxiety, fears and shyness. I received these tools as coping mechanisms that are easy to incorporate into daily life in any situation and circumstance. It has given me a shift in perception in how I see things and has given me a lot of self compassion.
— Monika S.